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It is a platform that can be used to collect used products (i.e. apple devices, cars etc.) from customers by using a quote form. People using this interface will be able to get a quote price of a product after providing all his/her product information i.e. accessories, product condition, some questions. The price will be quoted based on your previously setup price through admin panel.

Setup is Easy

You do not need to set up prices for all the product and related question combinations each time. You need to link them up.
  1. You set up the base price of a product.
  2. You set up 4 prices for the question that is about the recent condition of the product (Like New, Good, Fair, Poor).
  3. White list the accessories associated with the product and setup prices for additional accessories.
  4. You may setup additional questions related to this product and set up pricing based on provided answers.


  1. Manage Categories
  2. Manage Products
  3. Manage Questions
  4. Manage Accessories
  5. Manage Accessory Types
  6. Manage Coupons
  7. Manage Quote Submissions
  8. Group Accessories Based on Categories
  9. Link Accessories To Products & many more
For more information on who can be your potential customers & whom do you be able to resell the used products please contact us.