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LongBitz focuses on evolution by means of digital experience and engagement. Customers’ requirements will always take precedence in all cases. However, we do suggest better alternatives based on our stack of experiences if there is an opportunity to provide quality-service through optimization.


We want to grow our workforce, our knowledge base and our business offering. We want to do this so that we could provide people with infinite possibilities that would help them do business faster, better and smarter than before.


We want to create digital experiences that tie brand experiences together. User experience, design, strategy and execution collide to form products that our customers and their customers love. We are committed to delivering value to our clients with every interaction and output.

What makes us different?

Longbitz is creating solutions as well as we know how to react with clients through proper listing and adaptation in their specific needs and business domain. Our delivery method and work procedure with care is our priority. This includes running discovery workshops to understand the problem, proposing inventive solutions and managing risk. Our unique approach helps us to consistently deliver to the most demanding deadlines.


Requirement Analysis to deliver desired products are supervised by experienced engineers.

Smart Pricing

We suggest the best appraising for all kinds of software solutions here.

Crafted Solution

We deliver hewed software solutions according to the customers’ requirement.


We provide excellent client support as customers’ full satisfaction is our top priority.


Our Core Values

We have efficient methodological process that brings us to the best solution for the problems. The kinds of solutions that transform businesses, boost profitability, challenge mindsets and disrupt markets.


There will be the same goal and purpose between the customer and developer in technical languages for maintaining work transparency.


Our ultimate concern is to develop our work in proper time with high quality that’s why we inspect our work regularly.


No worries if the project reflection is changed. Our team react quickly in order to maximize the impact of work improvements.

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